Where can I go on a date?

Haven’t dated younger women for a long time? I don’t know where to go on a date. What can I do? Under the premise that you are not sure that you can find the topic smoothly, what can you do to promote feelings?

The following blog will help you. And if you want to read more dating tips, you can join us right now.

Regarding dating locations, this is indeed a science. When many people choose a dating location, they only go to dinner and watch movies. In fact, eating and watching movies is not bad, but should be done at the right time. Now, I will tell you the mystery of choosing a date place.

In the “Dating Script”, I divided the dating locations into three categories: the first type of dating location The first type of dating location is a place suitable for you to talk to, and basic information exchange is carried out here.

Therefore, on the first date, the most It’s better not to choose to watch a movie, because the first time you date is mainly for communication, it is difficult for two people to watch a movie staring at the big screen.

The first type of dating place

The characteristics of the first type of places have two characteristics: quiet and why are well-known places quiet, because two people sit down and talk, and need a quieter environment. If you go to KTV or nightclubs when you meet, you can’t listen.

Wherever I go, how can I communicate well? As for well-known places, many friends will mistake them for high-end places, but they are not! The well-known places mentioned here can also be understood as safe places, or places that are well known to the public, such as Starbucks, dessert shops, art exhibitions, and studios are all good choices.

Because the first time a girl is going to date you, of course, she chooses to go to a well-known place because it’s more at ease. Imagine if a girl you just met recently asked you to go to a remote place, would you go?

The second type of dating place

After the second type of dating site has an understanding of the first type of dating site, this type of dating site conducts some interactive projects. So this type of dating site is characterized by dynamics!

What is called dynamic-based, is to complete a certain thing together! For example: go to the studio to paint together, go to DIY to make biscuits or cakes together, game halls, bowling alleys are also good choices…

In this type of dating place, you will have some “passive” physical contact when you are active together. It can make you more familiar with each other, and it can also make your relationship develop further. Remember, after you have experienced the first date, don’t sit on the second date, you must move!

The third type of dating place

The third type of dating place has the foreshadowing of the first two types of dating places, this type of dating place is an important place for you to improve your relationship or even confirm your relationship.

Therefore, you should choose a more private place for this kind of date, and the best environment is also very ambiguous. For example, private theaters, unmanned streets, university campuses, seasides, etc. are all good choices.

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