How to Eat “Candy”-Six Tips for the First Age Gap Date

The sweetness of love is like candy, while the age gap partner in love is like a child who loves to eat candy. Candy is a necessity for children. If there is no sweet “candy” these “children” will often cry. For age-gap dating, if they want their love to be sweeter, they need to date more often and spend more time together, which will make them feel that the other person is important to them.

Dating after two people are together is essential, so how to grasp the first age gap date? How can I make the other person forget you after dating? In fact, this also requires some methods, knowing some precautions to make your date sweeter!

There are still many old men who don’t understand women’s hearts and often make assumptions based on their own subjectivity. They don’t know how to please women and how to date young women. In fact, older men need to learn some skills of dating young women. The first age gap date should not be careless, you should give your relationship a happy start. Studies have confirmed that grasping some methods can make you do more with half the effort and increase your chances of getting beautiful love.

1. Let the body “tell” your thoughts.

Experience has shown that “body language” can often transmit a large amount of information to the other party and express more colorful feelings. Therefore, if your language skills are mediocre, please keep in mind: on the first date, what you often say is basically not easy to cause surprises.

According to calculations, on the first date, 55% of the first impression given to the other party lies in body language”; 38% lies in speaking skills, and only 7% lies in the content of your speech.

2. Experience fear together.

Because there is an inseparable connection between panic, excitement, and love. In an experiment called “Swing Bridge” conducted in the 70s of the last century, sociologists Adul Aron and Dan Datong discovered that if a guy meets women on a swaying bridge, then He will feel that the other party is more sexy, charming, and prosperous.

3. Laugh together.

Friendship and love always go with each other. Traditionally, humor and humor have always occupied a very important part of these elements that will make men and women love each other. Mutual feelings of joy and laughter will create a sense of intimacy among passers-by.

4. Choose appropriate accompaniment music.

Scientific research by British sociologists has shown that soft and simple songs are most conducive to emotional development. Experiments show that soft music is more likely to make women feel good about men.

6. Stare into the eyes of younger women during age gap dating.

Every mature woman knows that gaze is a very reasonable way of expressing feelings. The scientific research of sociologists has also confirmed that gaze is indeed a very powerful weapon. Experiments have confirmed that when two passers-by are sitting opposite each other, gazing at the eyes of the other is far more likely to cause a sense of intimacy than gazing at other parts of her body.

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