Dating Tips for Age Gap

1. Learn to behave appropriately

People often say that acting like a baby girl is the best life, but the premise is that they are smart and witty,and can act like a baby headstrongly, but they must know how to be modest. If you are too coquettish, don’t know how to deal with it, and enjoy the love of boys ignorantly, boys will become very tired over time, and their relationships will also collapse. As an older woman, it is easier to grasp that degree, be understood by the other side, and express her anger appropriately. It is necessary to act like a baby even if you are older. By the way, which man doesn’t like mature women who are gentle and coquettish?

2. Give the other party a sense of mystery

Regardless of whether you are on the older side or the younger side, keeping the perfect look in front of the person you like is something that must be maintained, just like never falling in love too fast, feelings are the same as people Yes, always keep a sense of mystery. Feelings and people are the same, the more you taste, the more you taste. Maybe he likes you because of your appearance, but he is reluctant to leave you because of your sex. Let him see you but can’t touch you, let the other person always keep curiosity and desire to explore you, and keep the relationship fresh.

3. Give the other party some free space

Everyone yearns for freedom, especially men, they yearn for freedom, and they don’t want to be controlled by others. As long as the boyfriend is not around, the phone keeps making calls, and text messages keep sending. What’s more, some even keep making phone calls from boyfriends, friends, and colleagues. This will only make the boys feel like they are imprisoned prisoners and give him an urge to escape. When a woman is calling or leaving a message with her boyfriend, don’t be procrastinated, let alone an aggressive tone. This will make people bored and run away.

4. Make a little romance

Love romance is the nature of women. They like surprises and dreams. Once there is a man by her side, surprise her at any time and make her feel that life is full of romance, then her heart will stay for this man. Women are longing for romantic love. They are usually suppliers. They often fancy something and say that they don’t like it and don’t want to buy it. In fact, they are very eager in their hearts. Sometimes they buy them gifts they want but are not willing to buy. , Or you can send them some small gifts. I usually don’t have time. During the weekends, I can have breakfast together, watch a movie or a drama, and do something that both people like. On important holidays or the anniversary of two people, celebrate as a souvenir to express the importance of each other and life.

5. Message in seconds

If a young girl always responds to your news in seconds, cares about your life all the time, and often takes the initiative to chat with you, then she must have you in her heart. Then, as an older man, you should also reply to the message as soon as possible. Although she loves you again, she probably doesn’t want to be a spare tire, and no one wants to be on call and not care. You know, in this age when love can be seen everywhere, it is not easy to be able to take the initiative and insist on finding someone to talk to.

6. More comfort and fewer complaints

Mature men also encounter setbacks and feel frustrated. They also hope to have a woman who can rely on, love him, take care of him, and pressure him. In fact, every man is a young boy, no matter how old they are, when he is frustrated and painful, he wants to snuggle up to his lover like a child, like snuggling in the arms of his mother, to protect him and let him He feels at ease. If he can get your understanding, he will love you more and want to be with you for a lifetime. In fact, everyone says that it’s easy to fall in love, but it’s difficult to get along. In fact, no matter how much truth is said, it’s only vain. Only two people in it can understand the real way of getting along. No matter what, you must remember one thing, cherish the person you love, and don’t let the relationship become unfamiliar over time.

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