Age gap dating opinion: Is a 30-year-old woman dating a 20-year-old man easy?

Women in their 30s no longer need heavy makeup, hot pants, and tube tops, they are more solemn and deep. At this age, they have their own fashion tastes, their own aesthetic opinions, and their styles are different. They don’t follow the trend, and they can distinguish between fudge and loyalty.

And with a certain economic foundation, they are able to consume more advanced clothing and experience a more luxurious life, low-key and unassuming, deep and unpretentious.

Relatively speaking, facing a young man in his twenties, you must be fully prepared to face his frizz. You know, you are dealing with a guy who has the attractive appearance of a mature man, but whose mental age is still similar to that of a teenager.

When a thirty-year-old woman stepped into the society confidently with a feminine figure and mature mentality, a 23-year-old adult man still behaved like a big boy in all aspects-messy hair, thin and long The extremities and oil secretion of the face are exuberant. However, things will not always be so bad. As we age, things will get better.

So, will this age gap dating be successful?

Point of view 1: It’s easy to catch it!

A man chases a woman like a mountain, and a woman chases a man like a layer of paper. It is very easy for women to chase men, especially 30-year-old women who are glamorous and reach the peak of their youth, such as ripe peaches, which are full of the charm of mature women and are very feminine.

Coupled with the experience of life, I have a good understanding of life, and a good understanding of men. Have a good understanding of love.

The 20-year-old guy is still a raw egg. He doesn’t know much about love yet, and he is still full of curiosity about women. As long as you are the type he likes, not the most annoying person. Get close to him slowly.

Give him a chance to get to know you, and then the method is correct, learn the method of catching, because any man does not like the woman who throws his arms, and the woman who is not reserved, the harder it is to get, the better he feels, Because this love is not easy to come by”

Basically, it can be won in one week. If you make him fall in love with you, it depends on your charm, temperament, and appearance. It depends on how well you know men,

Summary: As long as you are really good to a boy, as long as you are not very ugly, not the type he always hates, basically women chase boys, they are very easy to chase.

Viewpoint 2: There is nothing but unexpected, nothing impossible, everything is possible.

Is it good to chase? It’s so easy to chase, you don’t even need to chase, just a little bit of a subtotal, and those who chase backward will have to line up. Just show the tenderness and kindness of your women, and many young boys can immediately feel the brilliance of motherhood. I also know that young boys have an Oedipus complex, especially those who have lacked maternal love since childhood. Can get your favor.

Many young boys’ dream lovers are in fact mature women with a halo of maternal love. A 30-year-old woman just has such characteristics. As long as her appearance and figure are not too bad, she will easily be captured.

When I was young, I was obsessed with a female teacher, and sometimes appeared in dreams. That feeling is very green and beautiful. I often fantasize about owning her body and talking sweetly with her. What an ecstasy. !

The times are different now. There is no problem with love and age. Age gap dating is also normal, so you can boldly pursue your age gap dating.

Now it’s not a question of good chasing. It’s not a good way for women to chase men. The question now is a question of suitability.

Everyone has a different personality and temperament. Like each other is the best proof. Men and women are different. They need each other and complement each other is the prerequisite for attraction. The best way of dating for age gaps is to achieve each other’s success and become a gentle haven for each other. It’s beautiful, and it’s worth it.

Feel free to show off the charm of your mature woman! I am optimistic about you!

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